1331 Creighton Road, Suite B, Pensacola, FL 32504
1331 Creighton Road, Suite B, Pensacola, FL 32504

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After Achieving 50 Years of Hearing Aids in Pensacola, We are taking a break.

Hearing Aids are a luxury that the current economic climate makes difficult for many to afford.

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Looking into our Crystal Ball to the future of the Hearing Aid Profession, we see change. Before we commit to another 50 years, we will watch the economy closely. If this election produces a return to an economy where the public can easily purchase hearing aids, we will make plans to return. If not, we won’t.

As of Friday September 30, All Florida Hearing Aid Center is closed.

We currently recommend Hearing Aid Care Center in Pensacola for service on your Siemens and Signia Hearing Aids. This office may have a charge for some services but they are experienced with Siemens. They are at the corner of Creighton at 6706 Plantation Rd in Pensacola. 850-477-8202

My Family has enjoyed serving your Family for over 50 Years. We regret any inconvenience our closing may cause.

Thank You

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Same Day Fitting is Available... for our large selection of in-stock Siemens Hearing Aids. You can Wear them home tonight! We Specialize in SIEMENS Hearing Aids and have for more than 36 years. If you wear Siemens Hearing Aids, you understand their quality. If you haven't tried Siemens Hearing Aids, you should.
All Florida Hearing Aid Centers

When You Come in For a Fitting With Our Team, We Will:

  • Will Evaluate And Adjust The Physical Fit To The Shape Of Your Ears.
  • Adjust And Select Tubing Lengths And Depths For Retention And Comfort.
  • Adjust The Device To Retain And Fit Properly When You Move Or Open Your Jaw.
  • Adjust The Feedback Resonance Settings To The Resonance Of Your Own Ear Canals.
  • Adjust The Settings To Control The Reverberation And Loudness Of Your Own Voice With The Aids In Your Ears.
  • Individually Adjust The Levels Of Soft, Average And Loud Speech To Ensure It Is Audible And Comfortable Through Your Aids.
  • Schedule Follow-Up Visits Where Your Results And The Environmental Data That Your Aids Collect Will Be Evaluated.
  • Adjustments Are Made Utilizing The Specialists Expertise And The Knowledge That He Has With The Brand.

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All Florida Hearing Aid Centers
1331 Creighton Road, Suite B
Pensacola, FL 32504
All Florida Hearing Aid Centers is across from Woerner Landscape and in the ReMax Plaza. You can find us close to Interstate 10.